Three teens walk towards a homeless man and do a selfless act that stuns everyone


Do you appreciate having a roof over your head, be it in a small or big apartment?

Living under a roof shelters us from the weather elements and assures of a peaceful night as we sleep. Sadly, many homeless people spend the nights out in the cold.

Fortunately, some kind-hearted people help the less fortunate. Three teenage boys from Poland went beyond and above to help a random homeless man with a duvet.

The cameras captured the boys walking through the street holding a duvet. The boys walk quietly to the man sleeping on the bench and tuck him in gently.

The sleeping does not stir and adjusts the duvet bringing it up to his chin to shield him from the cold. The boys were identified as Marcin, Wojtek, and Marcin by the city mayor. In return, they received smartwatches for their selfless act.

Watch the exemplary act from the teens.

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