Teachers can’t believe sisters born on the say day are twins because of their different colors


Millie and Marcia Biggs were given birth to in July 2006, and they had almost the same looks. But in some months, their parents Michael and Amanda observed a few exciting changes happening. The hair and skin of Millie become dark, and they expected the same would occur to Marcia.

The hair and skin of Marcia instead grew lighter and took her mom’s light skin texture and golden hair. Millie took over the brown skin of her dad and dark wavy hair. However, their physical differences are remarkably similar.

A race such as that of Michael and Amanda expecting twins have a little chance that the children will have diverse skin colors.

Millie and Marcia are at all times stopped by unknown persons who are always surprised. Amanda states that when she picks them from schools, other parents ask if they are her daughters. And when she tells them they are twins they get astonished.

Some tutors at the girls’ school didn’t believe they were twins. However, they get to see their close bond and similarity as they continue knowing them.

Their mom has now told the sec school tutors that they are twins.

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