Mom cannot conceive and spends $19,000 to buy fake babies causing husband to leave


Alice has five kids and has the desire to have more. However, she has a life-threateninganemic condition and cannot conceive. Despite her condition, she still changes, feeds, and bathes a brood of newborns.

Alice’s “babies “or Reborn Dolls are made from vinyl and look like real babies. The dolls cost up to 2000 bucks.

She even dresses them up in expensive clothes and takes them to the zoo. She combs their hair daily and treats them like real children.

Alice felt a close bond with the dolls in an attempt to fill her maternal void. She has over 50 dolls in her collection.

Chris, Alice’s husband, says the dolls freak him out. His wife obsession with the dolls is straining their relationship. He decided to leave her.

Alice is overprotective of the dolls and worries about her children or cat getting close to them. She moved the dolls to her room to protect them from danger.

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