Cop helps a homeless man who got kicked out of the bus for not wearing shoes


Nobody chooses to be homeless. Sadly, most people treat the homeless with a lot of contempt.

One homeless man was thrown out of a bus because he did not have shoes. Fortunately, a police officer named Kenya Joyner turned that mess into an act of kindness. The kind-hearted officer realized the man was homeless. Instead of arresting him for lacking the proper dressing for public means, he did something special for him.

The officer bought the man a pair of shoes. He used his authority to offer a helping hand instead of defaming him.

The officer’s kind act did not go unnoticed. One woman recorded the entire scenario and came forward to thank him.

She expressed her happiness and posted the video online. The police officer received the recognition he deserved.

Watch the intriguing video below to see what unfolded.

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