A contestant made Simon Cowell cry when he sang a song dedicated to his late friend


If you have been watching how stern judge Simon Cowell is, you might assume that he lacks that soft side. I also had the same assumption until when one contestant who was performing at X Factor proved otherwise – something that even the audience was not prepared for.

21-year-old Josh Daniel was auditioning and on this day he was singing “Jealous,” a song done by Labrinth. According to him, he was dedicating the song to one of his friends who had died back in 2013.

From the message of the song, Daniel was jealous of his friend who was in heaven enjoying without him. While Daniel was performing the song, the message made Cowell emotional and he couldn’t resist his tears. Cowell wasn’t alone in that, even judge Cheryl Ann Tweedy couldn’t hold back her tears any longer and at the end he got a standing ovation.

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